Sunday, October 10, 2010

Onigiri's night out ;)

As many of you must've read already, there was a Filofax event last Thursday, which I was lucky to attend thanks to Steve ;).
And what does a philofaxer do at such an opportunity? Why, take pictures of Filofaxes and have fun, of course!!

I must say that one of the things I enjoyed the most, though, was getting to meet the marketing team at Filofax! These people really do enjoy their jobs!!

Jon, who was always busy talking to everybody.
Matt, who I found out is a crazy cat lover like me ^__^
and Jess, whom I cannot praise enough! She did a great presentation of the featured Gourmet Gift Box, handed us all our free organisers, and made sure all the guests had a nice time.
My dear friend Dee, who also happens to work at the Filofax store on Neal St. was also there, making sure amongst other things, that my glass was never empty! And she didn't mind to take pictures for me :P

Here, I was having fun taking pictures of 3 Filos I liked the most, and 3 Filos I liked the least! (It was like a playground, I tell you!!)

Once the event was over, Dee, Jess and me headed to a nearby fancy bar to enjoy some cocktails and most importantly, GurrrlTalk!! 
We also did talk a little about Filofaxes, but I've forgotten all about it. (The waiter was distractingly cute!!).
Sadly, no pics were taken at the bar. And the details? they belong in my private journal! :)

And some pictures of FiloPigeon!! (I know Dee will enjoy these ;) )

Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, October 08, 2010


Last night I was lucky to be attending the Filofax Gourmet Gift Box Launch Event at the store on Conduit St.

I have already given all details to Steve so he can post it on the Philofaxy blog tonight! 

I shall also write about it here, but not until tomorrow (my inspiration muse is still out and about having cocktails!).

So, I kindly ask all of you to stop by Philofaxy to know more!! :D

Monday, October 04, 2010

Filofax or Moleskine?

I have a dilemma:

Filofax vs. Moleskine

I bought an 18 month Moleskine Pocket planner in the spring this year because I was tempted to try a bound planner.
It is very pretty and it has a whole page to jot whatever down, next to the week on a page format.

My problem is that I am so fixated on my Filofax I can't bring myself to stop using it, even for a couple of weeks, to try out the Moleskine. On the other hand, I am pained not to use it, to have it pristine in my notebooks box.

I also think that updating BOTH planners would simply be overkill, and would fail on the second day of doing so.

Currently I do not lead a lifestyle that would require me to carry two planners for different reasons (i.e. one for personal, the other for work). I also thought of the idea of using it as a financial planner, but I really don't need one of those. 

What to do, what to do???