Sunday, November 06, 2011

My work setup

Work system

A few days ago I told you it had been a very busy week at work and that I needed to be very organised to keep up with the various projects I would be working on for this month.

Work system

Well, this is the system I created for work quite a while ago.

It consists of Work sheets which I print out every week. I tend to play around with the layout and contents depending on how the week will be, but it usually has a To Do list, a Pending Tasks area as well as another for emails, a Current Project section, a space for Notes and also one for the date. These particular weeks I needed a bigger To Do list, so I added an extra one to the page and made the other sections smaller.

Work system

But since that wouldn't be enough to keep everything organised, I also needed to use my Muji notebook to save important information related to each project, which I will need from now on.

And because I'm such a stationery geek and cannot use 'any' pen, I decided that a ballpen would fit the bill. So I also got one from Muji which I must say, writes very well. It doesn't "dribble" like your regular bic and the ink flow is always consistent, without having thick and thin lines.

Work system

Honestly, I am convinced that if I hadn't had everything so neatly organised, last week would've been a total disaster for me. Not to mention that it was a great way to start the week by going stationery shopping!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Stationery crazy!!

Lately, I've been in a very stationery-hungry mood, it is probably due to the end of year approaching.
I can't wait to start using the new diary a friend sent me, but also after using the Traveler Midori for the first time on my trip to Mallorca in September, I am wanting to travel only so I have an excuse to use it again!

And since I decided not to get the large Midori until next year, I've not been able to resist shopping for stationery. Only this Monday I got quite a stash from Paperchase and Muji:
- Rhodia Dot webbie (they finally have it at Paperchase!!!)
- Travel notebook (Paperchase)
- Kraft ruled sheets for Filo (Paperchase)
- To Do sheets for Filo (Paperchase)
- Cute sticky notes (Paperchase)
- Kimono fabric bookmarks (Muji)
- Blue ink ballpen (Muji)
- Leads (Muji)
- Tiny blocknote (Muji)
- Orange gel pen (Muji)

The last 4 Muji items are meant for work and that is where I have them. I guess I decided since this was going to be an extremely busy week for me, I needed to keep organised in a tidy way.
I have to say that I'm liking Muji stationery more every time. The paper might not be Clairefontaine/Rhodia, but it is very good, and I've always been happy with their writing tools (I never use ballpoints but Muji is exceptional).

As I mentioned earlier, this week has been crazy so I haven't been able to take any pictures from my hauling, but I will try to post some this weekend.
Goodnight everybody!