Sunday, October 10, 2010

Onigiri's night out ;)

As many of you must've read already, there was a Filofax event last Thursday, which I was lucky to attend thanks to Steve ;).
And what does a philofaxer do at such an opportunity? Why, take pictures of Filofaxes and have fun, of course!!

I must say that one of the things I enjoyed the most, though, was getting to meet the marketing team at Filofax! These people really do enjoy their jobs!!

Jon, who was always busy talking to everybody.
Matt, who I found out is a crazy cat lover like me ^__^
and Jess, whom I cannot praise enough! She did a great presentation of the featured Gourmet Gift Box, handed us all our free organisers, and made sure all the guests had a nice time.
My dear friend Dee, who also happens to work at the Filofax store on Neal St. was also there, making sure amongst other things, that my glass was never empty! And she didn't mind to take pictures for me :P

Here, I was having fun taking pictures of 3 Filos I liked the most, and 3 Filos I liked the least! (It was like a playground, I tell you!!)

Once the event was over, Dee, Jess and me headed to a nearby fancy bar to enjoy some cocktails and most importantly, GurrrlTalk!! 
We also did talk a little about Filofaxes, but I've forgotten all about it. (The waiter was distractingly cute!!).
Sadly, no pics were taken at the bar. And the details? they belong in my private journal! :)

And some pictures of FiloPigeon!! (I know Dee will enjoy these ;) )

Have a great week everyone!!


Steve said...

Great post I'm pleased we did separate ones now, it's worked out very well. Looks like you really enjoyed the evening.


kanalt said...

Oh, I'm so, so jealous! I would have drooled over all of the merchandise. It's very obvious how much all of the Filofax staff really enjoy their jobs - I would love having a job with Filofax - it would be a dream come true. ;) Glad you had such a great time.

Oni said...

Steve: Yes, it was indeed a good idea! Next year let's hope you can make it! you have to meet the team! After all, you are a legend already!!

kanalt: I know!! it would also be a dream job for me, except they're not in London, but much further south...we could even tell them to pay us our salary half in cash, half in Filo merchandise!! And another one of my dreams is to actually go to any Filofax shop with ALL of you!! That way, we could talk Filo non-stop!!
Let's hope there can be a London meet up in the following years to come!!

kanalt said...

I would LOVE to be able to go to London for a meet up/shopping spree. That would be so much fun. I'll have to start saving my money now. =) No more Filos for a while (until the new line is introduced, anyway).

Yvotchka said...

Ok, first of all, you looked LOVELY and obviously had a great time : ) Yay!!

But who on earth is FiloPigeon?? I sense a story there...

P.S. what was it that got the Chili Cuban to your "dislike" list? Just curious since I used to covet that one pre-Malden. And also what about the green Chameleon don't you like?

caribbean princess said...

Oni congratulations :-) It is great to be able to put a face with the name and you looked so lovely! I have never visited the filo store in London so I am looking forward to doing that in the hopefully near future and maybe meeting up with fellow filofax fans!! Although like Kanalt I am on a filo purchasing ban as I went from 2 filos to 9 in less than 2 months!I Really enjoyed your post.

Oni said...

Yvotchka and Caribbean Princess: Thank you for your compliments, you're seriously making me blush!!!

The FiloPigeon gets its name due to the fact that it was Dee who made it for me, but I think that after this I will have to take it everywhere with me so as to pose with more Filos :D

Regarding the disliked organisers,these weren't organisers I HATE, I simply like them the least of the range they had on display that evening. The Chili Cuban, it's not the binder itself, rather the colour that I dislike. Like I mentioned to you in the past, I'm not too keen on shades of red. And the green of the Chameleon just looks wrong to me :P (the guys at Filofax are going to hate me!!!)

Caribbean Princess, it would really be awesome if you could visit the stores in London, when you do, try to go on your own or with another philofaxer, as you'll want to just spend HOURS simply looking at the organisers ;) and when you know you can simply go to a store to look at them, you won't feel the need to actually buy them as much :D

Laurie said...

OH my gosh I'm so excited I could scream!!! I'm glad you had so much fun!!! I hope I get to see you there Nov 20th!

Oni said...

Laurie: YAY!!!!!!!!! you must do all there is in your power for the 20th!!!

caribbean princess said...

I am so excited about the 20th November! I look forward to meeting you in person Oni. Laurie hopefully I will get to meet you too. Something to keep me going in the gloomy months of the year
I agree with you about the green chameleon although the raspberry colour is delicious. Will post pictures next week.

Oni said...

Caribbean Princess: YAY!!!!! AWESOME!!!

Michele said...

Oni, you are SO lucky!!! Thanks for posting all these nice lovely photos! (

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