Thursday, May 12, 2011

May update: Filofaxes

Filofaxes. Plural, as in two. My pocket Raspberry Finsbury (aka Rasberi), and my mini Urban. 

For a while I had been neglecting my Rasberi more and more in favour of my Moleskine. I thought the best was to simply stop using it. But I'd still find myself updating it weekly, because I missed the beautiful QV inserts and also because I didn't want to start using the Mole for my appointments yet.
So, my actual setup consists of W2P from QV and DPP. Notes, To Do and Financial are still in there, but inactive.

Rasberi Week on Two Pages

Rasberi day per page

About a month ago, I decided I would go back to using one of my minis as a wallet, that way I get to leave the Rasberi at home and carry less weight. Inside it I carry a Week on One Page calendar, addresses and notes, as well as a Tube Map, not from Filofax, but from London Underground.
my writing instrument of choice is a small, aluminum mechanical pencil from MUJI (love!!).
Mini Urban


Steve said...

Good to see that the QV inserts are working for you. I also like the way you have adapted the DPP inserts, I think that is very neat.

I'm using a personal size at the moment, seems to be working out ok

Oni said...

Thanks Steve! The QV is amazing! I will definitely get more inserts for the next year, the paper is so smooth and takes fountain pen so well...

I need to catch up with what you have been using, have you retired your lovely blue Pocket Finsbury then?

Steve said...

No the blue Finsbury is now my car log book, it lives in the car in a little cubbie on top of the dash, perfect size for the pocket.


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