Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Dakota A5 (before)

So, on Saturday I received the A5 Filofax Dakota I had won on eBay.
It wasn't a pleasant surprise, as the seller sent it inside a cheap, black rubbish bag, without any protection whatsoever!

When I opened the Filo, the two lower rings were biting some of the few inserts. I believe this must have happened during transport.

Luckily, though, the mechanism was fine and the rings closed without any gaps.

Still, I feel cheated. Although the seller described the item as having barely used, and the inserts as new, that wasn't the case.
The few inserts that came with it show that they had been used before. It is clearly noticeable the markings from her writing, she must press the pen really hard!

And then the binder. It doesn't look like a rarely used maroon Dakota. It's got dark marks, the strap has become unglued in the middle, and also the binder felt sticky and grubby to the touch.

End of part 1.

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Monnique Arnold said...

wow....can you get your money back???

Onigiri Sama said...

I don't think so, since the seller has a 'No Returns' policy.
In any case, I got an A5 because I need it for my handmade inserts. I have restored it and it is much better. I will publish the second part of this post tomorrow.

Patricia IamPlanningonIt said...

Awful! I got excited to see that you had an A5 Dakota Filofax...as I love it, I've a tan one....got very lucky as the seller did all the right things packing it from Ireland to USA....but, Im so sad for you but happy you've fixed her up, I look forward to seeing how she gets all done up proper! Hugs to you and your Filo!

SF said...

I got a Personal Dakota and the same thing happened to the strap. It was unglued and separated in the middle section of it. And brand new. Hmmm.... I was so disappointed.

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