Sunday, November 06, 2011

My work setup

Work system

A few days ago I told you it had been a very busy week at work and that I needed to be very organised to keep up with the various projects I would be working on for this month.

Work system

Well, this is the system I created for work quite a while ago.

It consists of Work sheets which I print out every week. I tend to play around with the layout and contents depending on how the week will be, but it usually has a To Do list, a Pending Tasks area as well as another for emails, a Current Project section, a space for Notes and also one for the date. These particular weeks I needed a bigger To Do list, so I added an extra one to the page and made the other sections smaller.

Work system

But since that wouldn't be enough to keep everything organised, I also needed to use my Muji notebook to save important information related to each project, which I will need from now on.

And because I'm such a stationery geek and cannot use 'any' pen, I decided that a ballpen would fit the bill. So I also got one from Muji which I must say, writes very well. It doesn't "dribble" like your regular bic and the ink flow is always consistent, without having thick and thin lines.

Work system

Honestly, I am convinced that if I hadn't had everything so neatly organised, last week would've been a total disaster for me. Not to mention that it was a great way to start the week by going stationery shopping!


Amanda said...

Those weekly sheets look really good. Do you keep them all for reference? (It looks like you do...) And when (if at all) do you throw them away? I'm never quite sure what to do with old weekly sheets like this (mine aren't anything like as neat and organised as yours). At the moment they are just in my filofax but maybe I will throw them away at the end of the year.

Oni said...

Hi Amanda
Thank you for the compliment.
To answer your questions, yes, I do keep all of them for reference, as I tend to look back at them to remember codes, links, or simply when I did a specific task.
I'm not a fan of throwing old sheets away, unless I am 150% sure I won't ever need them again, so I will keep these until I stop working at my current job.
Also, they always stay at the office unless I know I will need to work from home.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

That looks fabulously organized -- therefore very appealing to me :)


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