Monday, December 10, 2012

My Planner so far...

As you already know I started using an 18 month planner by a Japanese brand called MARK'S in September. If you're just finding out about this, you can catch up here.

Seeing I was so excited with it when I received it and thinking that it would help with my previous Planner Fail, I thought it would be time for a little update.

The verdict?

I was right!
Although I not always update it on a daily basis, I can confidently say that I am not suffering from PF at the moment, and here are the reasons why:

1. The Layout: being able to see my whole week at a glance simply works for me. I like that the days are arranged as columns, for it gives order to my scribbles. The header space on top of each day highlights the important event of the day. And the space on the left is where I jot down stuff I need to remember, etc.

2. The Size: If you remove the plastic outer cover, the book is an A6. With the cover, it is slightly bigger than this (duh), but not overwhelming. So I can carry it with me everywhere I go, as it fits into my smallest purse.

3. The Cover: It's strange; I didn't think I would like a plastic cover, but I actually do. For this planner at least. Because I don't have to worry about putting it somewhere and getting the cover ruined, because I can stick little pieces of washi tape on it to use later on, because it's transparent and I can see the little notes stashed in the back. Yes, that is also one of the things I love the most about this little planner: the zippered pocket.

4. The Colour: this lime green just makes me happy every time I look at it!

I always thought that my Planner Fail was solely MY fault (at times I still do) and not the planner's.
Now I realise that the planner itself plays a huge part on it; having one I don't enjoy anymore is just going to make me more prone to abandon it.
I've read about other people going through Planner Fail and how some of them will insist on using the same book in the hope this will solve it. I have tried that in the past as well and it has almost never worked.
I think in my case I need to really like the planner, it's got to have something special to keep me going back to it even if it's just to keep it near me.

(I don't know if that last paragraph makes sense to you, I am finding it very hard to put my thoughts into words. For this I apologise.)

So yeah, I am still very happy with my lime green Mark's! :)


Lime Tree said...

oooohhh, this planner look so yummy to write on! Very flat and large pages..... So tempting!

Oni said...

Thanks! It is indeed a pleasure to write on, the paper is very smooth! Maybe next time you could try one, just in case? This one is the A6 size, but they also do A5. Thanks for your comment :)

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