Monday, July 01, 2013

My sidekick notebook

For nearly two years now, I have been using a notebook for everything. I call it my sidekick, as it tends to follow me around the house. I use it for writing down my daily To Do list, things I've bought, recipes I want to try, doodling, sketching, scrapbooking. Like I said, everything.
I find it pretty handy, as I don't have that much space in my planner especially since I moved away from ring bound planners.
Of course, in almost two years of use, my sidekick has reincarnated in 5 notebooks already, being the current one my dear orange Rhodia Webbie, which is now nearing its end with only four pages left, including the ones I'll use today.

New Rhodia Webbie

I am torn though, regarding which notebook to use next.
Should I go once again for another A5 notebook, quite likely Rhodia?
Or should I go back to my gorgeous, leather Midori Traveler's Notebook?

See, the A5 notebook has worked really well before. The hard and sturdy covers make it possible for me to use it anywhere without having to worry too much about getting it dirty. I write down recipes in it, which means I use it in the kitchen as well, getting the pages quite soiled at times!

Recipes in my notebooks

And because I very rarely take it out, the fact that it is an A5 is not an issue at all; rather, it is an advantage, having all that space for my drawings and doodles.

Spread in my notebook

Spread in my notebook

As for the Midori, I did use it as my sidekick for a while, but found that its size was actually hindering me from using it on a daily basis ( I didn't have enough space for drawings), as well as the soft cover (very hard to write or draw for long when you're lying it against your knees - another thing I do a lot!). Which is why after I filled up my second refill, I quickly started using my Webbie.

But now that I am about to fill this notebook, I don't know what to do.
On one hand, I want to just continue using an A5 notebook. Yet on the other, I really want to use more my Midori, because it is so beautiful.

Midori Traveler's

Currently I am using my TN with an insert I made myself for my blogging activities, and I am really enjoying it!

Handmade insert in my Midori

So yeah, I am still very undecided about which one to use next. I guess I will take that decision once I am on the last page of my beloved Rhodia, and I will keep you posted!

Good weekend everyone!


MiataGrrl said...

I love your "everything" notebook! I have tried using my journal in that way, wanting to have that kind of organic, free-flowing record of my life, but ultimately, I go back to putting things like to-do lists and recipes in separate places because I can't find them when I need them if they are all in one notebook. I wish I could make this work as you have. I used a Pelle (a Midori copycat) briefly, but abandoned it quickly because of the size, too. Sounds like you already know which one to use! I enjoy your blog! Love seeing all your notebooks!

- Tina

Laurie said...

I love this!! I haven't used a Rhodia, but Clairefontaine paper is wonderful so I imagine it would be hard to switch to anything less after enjoying using this notebook! Good luck choosing!

sleepydwarf said...

I love this idea! I have been trying to work out a way that I can keep my notes and planner together without losing track, but either the planner is too small for everything I want to write, or the notebook isn't organised enough for me to find anything. I think the key is to go through it every night and transfer ideas & actions to a to-do list, if only I could be disciplined enough to do this :-)

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