Saturday, July 27, 2013

Planner Indecision

It's mid year and as many other planner or diary obsessed dedicated people, I have been thinking about the next planner that will ideally make life perfect, or something close.

I'm currently back to my Mark's Tokyo Edge planner, in a bound, week in columns format, pocket size. And I'm quite comfortable and happy with it.

So this morning I was browsing through sites that offer this brand as well as Leuchtturm1917. I have a notebook from them and I really like it!
But it turns out that the column format I like isn't available in other colours besides black, and those that are, aren't 18 month planners.
Which isn't a problem for me. I can very well start January 2014.

All was good until I saw what was in the mail today.

A friend got me a surprise present for my birthday. An 18 month, hard cover Star Wars Moleskine, pocket size. Because she remembered that I had been wanting one last year, albeit not necessarily the Star Wars edition!

So now I don't know what to do!
I start work tomorrow and most of my shifts will be on the weekend. The fact that there are columns make it visually easier to see the hours I worked and even add related notes, as well as other appointments. Plus, it's also got a pen loop.

Yet I really love the week + notes spread from the Moleskine. I can even be creative and do the occasional doodle or add stickers, mementos, etc.
Plus, I don't mind that the cover is black for I have the Star Wars stickers that came with it to customise it. But I would need to buy a pen loop Leuchtturm1917, which could be any colour I want.

Should I stick with my Mark's until December, with the days in columns and doesn't have the weekend sharing the space, or should I start with the Moleskine now?

The answer seems pretty clear. But I have been using the Mark's since September last year and I miss that awesome feeling of starting a brand new planner, especially when it's the Moleskine I like!

Have any of you also been in a similar situation? What did you do in the end?

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claire lecysyn said...

moi à ta place je ne résisterai pas à l'envie de commencer un nouvel agenda ;)
le mien se termine fin août et celui du travail en décembre, cela m'offre la joie d'avoir un nouvel agenda 2 fois par an héhéhé

Rori said...

Try Laurie's "Call the Dog" and see which one wins :)

Rori said...
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Onigiri Sama said...

Je fais l'effort, mais c'est pas difficile car je suis ete tres ocupee ces jours :)
(j'ai pas des accents dans mon laptop, desolee)

Onigiri Sama said...

I might do that, but not yet, as I feel the column format is working better to mark the times I work, it's more visual.

I might later on get the Leuchtturm I liked, also because it's kind of silly having two 18 month planners at the same time: No matter which I choose, it's about six months' worth of unused pages. And that drives me into OCD hell! :)

claire lecysyn said...

t'as reçu ma carte?

Onigiri Sama said...

Pas encore, peut etre cette semaine :)

claire lecysyn said...

oui, en fait j'ai réfléchi je l'ai postée samedi, c'est trop tôt :)

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